Begin your film career at Prague Film Institute | EN

Would you like to come to the fore of the world of film? Study at the Prague Film Institute college which is open to all sorts of students. Moreover, you do not need to be afraid of some dry theory because a lot of hours of practical courses awaits you. You will learn how to sound, edit or direct a film and much more. The courses are held in English language and that is why your English level must be at least B2.

What can you study?

Film college Prague Film Institute offers 3 fundamental study fields. Filmmaking, postproduction and gamedesign. That way you really have an opportunity to learn everything you are interested in. The study length is 1-2 years and includes theoretical part as well as the practical part during which the film experts will participate. Apart from the classical syllabus, our college organizes summer courses where you also have the opportunity to gain a great amount of practical experience concerning the film.

Sufficient amount of practical courses

During your studies at this college you will learn a vast amount of film knowledge, e.g. how to sound, direct or cut a movie, serial or advertisement. The knowledge you acquire will definitely be used during your practical courses. All students have access not only to the professional equipment but also an access to real film studios in which a lot of practical exercises are held. Furthermore, the college collaborates with The Czech Stunt Fighting Association. Thanks to that, student learns how to shoot real scenes in practice.

In Prague’s city centre

Film college Prague Film Institute and its film studios are situated in historical Prague, located in the heart of Europe. Prague provides all civic facilities you may need, historical attractions, beauties of nature as well as fun. You will definitely fall in love with Prague during your studies. All the information about the studies are available on the website of this college. All questions can be directed this email address

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