Benefits of Prague Film Institute film school? | EN

The film school Prague Film Institute will guide you through a movie creation. More precisely, from the subject matter, camera, editing, animation, directing to production itself. Experienced teachers and world-renowned filmmakers are lecturing at the school.

Therefore, you learn from the best ones. However, the study is not just a simple theory. Literally everything you learn will be tested within the framework of practical exercises. All possible technologies will be available in highly-equipped studios throughout your studies.

Prague Film Institute is an international school where you will to meet students from all over the world and you will establish contacts that will definitely come in handy in the future. The entire study is held in English. Minimum English language level to graduate the school is B2.

Films school

The school is, as well as the studios, located in Prague which is a perfectly accessible location. Prague is located in the very heart of Europe and is a very popular place for movie shooting. The unique atmosphere of the Old Town literally invites you to shoot historical and mysterious scenes.

You can choose from a classical semester study or you might pick summer courses. In summer courses, the film school offers you a complete preview of the world of film. Therefore, you can easily find out which field is the most appealing to you and what would you like to focus on. Currently listed two to four semester courses are general filmmaking, postproduction and gamedesign.

Take a look at the world of film accompanied by the best ones! Sign up for the Prague Film Institute. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the school’s study department or read the information at

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